Air Conditioning Servicing

Have you noticed that the effectiveness of your coach’s air conditioning is deteriorating? Air conditioning servicing is an important part of coach and bus maintenance to ensure true comfort of your passengers.

Air Conditioning Servicing for Coaches

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo
Setra Coaches
Ilesbus Coaches
Mercedes-Benz genuine Parts

JJ Kavanagh offer comprehensive air conditioning servicing for Mercedes-Benz, Setra and Ilesbus coaches and buses, ensuring your fleet stays cool, comfortable, and compliant with all health and safety regulations.

  • Comprehensive Inspection
    We check the entire air conditioning system, including compressors, belts, filters, and refrigerant levels.
  • Cleaning and Repairs
    From filter replacement to leak repairs, we ensure every component of your air conditioning system is clean and functional.
  • Refrigerant Recharge​
    We replenish your system with the appropriate type and amount of refrigerant, ensuring efficient cooling performance.
  • System Optimisation
    Our technicians adjust and calibrate your air conditioning system for optimal cooling and efficiency.

Why Choose JJ Kavanagh?

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Rapid Turnaround

With 9 bay across 2 garages we have the capacity and expertise to get you back on the road, often within a few hours. 
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Expert Teams

Our expert mechanics and diagnostics technicians are trained by Mercedes-Benz and have years of experience. 

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coach Parts

Genuine OEM Parts

Ireland’s most comprehensive stock of genuine Mercedes-Benz coach parts, any items not in stock can be delivered next-day.

Stay Cool & Book Today

Don’t let a faulty air conditioning system affect your service quality. Book an appointment with JJ Kavanagh today and ensure your passengers enjoy a cool and comfortable journey, no matter the weather.